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Love In Every Corner

April 12, 2012

I read a heartwarming story recently about a young girl who due to adverse circumstances was living with her grandparents.  The story told how the grandparents did not have much in the way of material possessions, but they had an abundance of love for each other and for their granddaughter.  The story revolved around one particular incident which occurred in the young girl’s life that demonstrated the abundance of their love for her.  And one of the ways in which she described her happy memories of that time in her life was that there was “love in every corner” of her grandparent’s house.

Love in every corner.  What a wonderful home that must have been!  Safety, security, acceptance, unconditional love - wonderful foundations for a young girl’s life.  In telling her story, she described how her grandmother and grandfather made by hand much of what they had.  I can just imagine the hand sewn clothes, the warm hand quilted bedding, the hand crafted toys.  I think, too, of shelves full of brightly colored home-canned foods ready for a long winter and delicious “comfort” food on the old worn table every night.

Love in every corner—this is why I love working with the wonderful, talented artists here in Kentucky.  Their inspirations and skill help families to create a home that has “love in every corner.”  It’s also why I love offering the needlework items we offer.  Each pattern, each kit will go to a crafter to be made into a piece of love for their home.  For me, the handmade creations in our home - whether made by me or someone else - are what fill our home with a sense of nostalgia, timelessness, and a connection to the simplicity of the past.  The beauty of the simple things in life brings me such peace and enjoyment.

So here’s to love - may you find it in every corner of your life!

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