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Quilt Blocks on Country Barns

February 29, 2012

Quilt blocks placed on barns across the country originated with an idea from an Ohio woman who dreamed of an imaginary clothesline of interconnecting barns decorated with painted quilt blocks to pay tribute to both our quilting and farming heritage.  The first quilt square was painted in 2001 on her barn in honor of her mother, a fifth-generation quilter. 

Since then people in virtually every state in this great country have been painting quilt blocks on their barns.  And not only are the blocks beautiful and fun to see, most if not all of them have a story behind them of why that particular block was chosen for that particular family’s barn. 

Want to take a virtual tour of some of these beautiful sights?  Start clicking!!

Iowa —
Kentucky —
North Carolina —
Ohio —
American Quilt Barns —

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